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David Violi



Height: 6'2"

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue


Body Type: Athletic               Jacket: 42 L

Shirt: LG                                  Waist: 33

Sleeve: 34                               Inseam: 34

Neck: 17.5                              Shoes: 12




Elvis Lives!                         Support-Lead  The Asylum

A Father's Secret              Supporting     NGN Productions 

Double Down                    Supporting     Dir. Sterlin Macer 

You Can't Buy Love            Lead                Dir. Gerich Wilkie 

Hollywood Confidential    Lead                Dir. Kent Osborne 

Jumper                                 Lead                Dir. Jimmy Williams 



24 Hours In Hotel Hell     Series Regular  Dir. John Tindall/Termite Art

My Crazy Ex                       Recurring           Painless TV

Deadly Sins                       Guest Star          Optomen Productions

Unusual Suspect              Guest Star          LMNO Cable Group

Poor Little Rich Girls        Co-Star               Oxygen Pilot, Dir. James Flint




Dial "M" for Murder         Lead                   Murray Theatre 

My Three Angels               Lead                   Broadmead Theatre 

Puss-In-Boots                    Lead                   Kelsey Theatre 

The Pirates of Penzance Supporting        Open Air Theatre 

Acting: Allan Miller, Tom Orth, Bobbi Chance

Scene/Character Study: Ivana Chubbuck

Improv: The Groundlings

Movement: Tom Orth

Voice: Kevin Richardson, Robert Lunte

Action Acting: Stuart Wilson (weapon handling/fight coordination)


All Around Athlete, Great with Kids and Animals, Guns, Horse Riding, Archery, Stunts, Swimming, Golf, Tennis, Volleyball, Hockey, Baseball, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Snowboarding, Skiing, Ice Skating, Rollerblade, Bowling, New Jersey, New York & Southern, Top Accents, Navy Spider


Conflicts Available Upon Request

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